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The Heart of the Matter

woman dancing the heart of the matter

The Heart of The Matter

I never thought I would be happy at this place in my life; a place where others look upon it as an unlikely place of peace, a place where most would classify as lonely, uncertain and uncomfortable.

This place you see, it was meant for a moment such as this. A moment where singleness equals freedom, where uncertainty equals opportunity and being uncomfortable is a sign of not settling to be stuck in a rut but to grow.

I’ll be honest I ran from this place! I had more planned for my life than this. I was supposed to work a corporate job, have my white picked fence, a husband, 2 kids and a dog while living happily ever after.   But yet I find myself owning my own business, a short iron fence just tall enough to keep the dog in, a failed marriage, no kids…..yet I find myself still living happily ever after and I sit back wondering how did that even happen.

I have a business I adore, I have new friends to replace the ones that left, I found myself in loosing someone else, I’ve learned to not long for children but bless other peoples children, I started living life to the fullest and I found the joy in serving on the mission field. God sent people into my life to remind me that just because my life was over as I knew it, didn’t mean it was over but just beginning!

You see I had these plans for my life; plans of how this world measured success, how this world viewed normal,  how people excepted me into their normal status quo BUT God had different plans! See my plans they were fickle, my plans couldn’t see past the current day and it relied on what the normal was for everyone else, not me.

As I sat and spoke with a friend a while back it hit me; I’m not living the normal 31 year old life and I was completely happy!

Its unthinkable how God can take our plans, our mishaps, our broken dreams and make something beautiful out of them. So I encourage you to stop trying to figure out the whys and start pressing forward to making the nows a beautiful place be. Even if the nows seem messy, I promise all things become beautiful with time.