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Chris + Desiree’s wedding at Whitestone Country Inn || Kingston TN Wedding Photographer

A Summer Wedding at Whitestone Country Inn

There are several reasons to have your wedding at Whitestone Country Inn but the choice was obvious for Chef Chris Nance and his bride Desiree, Chris is on staff their. The property at Whitestone is simply amazing as you can see from the wedding photographs below, I have to say it feels like a little piece of heaven on earth with its amazing views of Watts Bar lake, its lush green wooded areas and the wildlife that can be found there. Chris knows the Whitestone Country Inn pretty well for he is one of Whitestone’s top Chefs and he spends many hours at this Bed and Breakfast in East Tennessee a week preparing some pretty tasty dishes (trust me on this one, I’ve enjoyed plenty of meals here) and he also loves playing disc golf on the Whitestone course, heaven forbid we forget that! (he may have an obsession with disk golf) I took Chris and Desiree’s family photos last fall at the bed and breakfast where I also got to met their adorable little boy Jack. I think Jack thinks its hilarious when I’m chasing him around trying to get a picture of him, for he did the same thing on his parents wedding day. Thankfully Jack is cute enough to get by with keeping me on my toes during photography sessions. So with all this said when Chris asked Desiree to be his wife there was no question they would have their wedding at Whitestone Country Inn, its was simply to close to their hearts not too.

How I met the Bride and Groom

I first met Chris a few years ago at a wedding at Whitestone, he was cooking and I was shooting a wedding. He seemed pretty nice, but when you are working together everyone is so busy you don’t really get to know them. However when I tasted the food in my vendor meal I know I could come to like him very fast! You see, the staff at Whitestone Inn take care of their East TN wedding vendors. Most wedding venues provide a vendor meal that is far from what the guest are eating, but not when you work a wedding at Whitestone Country Inn. If the guest are eating steak the hired help eat steak too and I must admit they have spoiled me just a little on making sure all my needs are met when I work there. I recently attend another 5 star bed and breakfast and I got a sandwich for my vendor meal, I was thankful but when you work at a 5 star venue you expect 5 star treatment. On long summer wedding days in the south great hospitality, a good meal and cold water goes a long way, just ask any wedding photographer in Kingston or in the world for that matter.

I actually met Desiree about a year and a half before their wedding at Whitestone’s Bridal Show. Her and her two best friends came just to look at all the top wedding vendors in East Tennessee and I randomly ran in to them again after the bridal show. I won’t go into the story but let me just say we had a pretty good time taking candid photos of her and her friends! I hope they cherish those funny photo moments for years to come!

Elopement at Whitestone Country Inn

When Chris and Desiree booked Your Reflections Photography they told me that they wanted an affordable photographer that also did great work. They also told me that they wanted a Whitestone wedding photographer that was very knowledgeable of the property  and know all the good places to get the best wedding photos of their wedding at Whitestone Country Inn.

The couple at first told me they were having a very large wedding, all the bells and whistles that a Whitestone wedding package could offer however in the middle of planning they started to focus on things that were more important to them like family and  changed to a very intimate Whitestone elopement package. Chris and Desiree wanted to be able to enjoy their friends and family and for them the elopement worked better and turned out perfect! Desiree was about to still have her dream wedding, but with less people and a lot less stress.


Kingston Wedding Vendors

Kingston Wedding Photographer: Your Reflections 

Kingston Wedding Venue: Whitestone Country Inn

Kingston Wedding Coordinator: Tonja Page

Kingston Florist: Oran’s Flower Shop

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