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My favorite things, the Bible, journal, camera, coffee and waiting on sunset

Max Patch

One thing I love is things off the beaten path and road trips! Yesterday I was invited on an adventure with my friends to check out Max Patch a little hike off the beaten path. Max Patch is a cleared patch of land that sits on a  4,600-foot mountain with a 360-degree breathtaking views. This short little hike is about 8 miles off I-40 on a easy to drive on gravel road where you can park at the bottom of Max Patch knob and hike up the hill. Once at the top of Max Patch Mountain you will witness on of the most breathtaking views the Smokey Mountains has to offer. The cool thing about this spot is that the Appalachian Trail crosses it at the top, which is visibly marked and pretty cool.

Things to do at Max Patch Mountain

For me I was excited to go to Max Patch Mountain to see the sunset. Taking photos of the sunset is on the top of my list of things to do. Not only is it peaceful but watching the sunset reminds of the beauty of God’s creation and how great He is. There were a lot of people taking photos there (both professional and non professional) for the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Smokey Mountains are incredible and photos from here must have for anyones photo collection. There were people laying on blankets, reading books, writing in journals and having coffee (other than me because my friends took some takes to my suggestion and then drank it all while I was taking their photos, however we are still friends 🙂 This little day trip could definitely turn into a romantic getaway in NC for anyone looking to make a date out of it or simply hang with friends.

Bottom line I would highly recommend going to Max Patch. Make sure to bring a jacket in summer and wear layers in the fall and winter. Bring your camera (make sure its charged up),  flashlight if you will be there at dark, a book, a journal, a blanket, something to drink, snakes and make sure you have the day free to just enjoy your time.



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Nothing but blues skies on the perfect fall hike

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Reading The Good Book

wild flowers of north carolina

camping at max patch

A little friendly bonding

photo session at max patch mountain

max patch sunset

A beautiful Max Patch Sunset

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Appalachian Trail at Max Patch

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