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Around this time last year baby Piper was born and the doctors diagnosed her with Short Gut Syndrome. Her parents were told they were in for a long long road of medical issues and that IF she got to go home it would be well over a year. BUT God had other plans! Little Piper was released to go home months later, still with lots of healing needed but she was going home!

A year later Piper has made leaps and bounds of progress and even though I know there is still things her and her family will have to tackle along the way today she celebrates her 1st birthday!

I remember sitting in this little tiny NICU room that her parents had made into a nursery for her to try to make it feel more like home than a hospital. I sat with her mom and dad and thought to myself how do these people find the strength to even comprehend the magnitude of the right now, must-less whats in front of them. I know they were full of a million emotions, but I also knew that they were christians and was holding on to God promises for their little family.

It was probably one of the hardest sessions mentally to shoot. Here I was shooting newborn photography in a makeshift studio in a tiny NICU room, with half the equipment I needed, had washed and Lysol everything that had (even my camera). I was trying to work around cords and monitors and in all trying to not move something that would hurt her or set off an alarm. There was a moment the doctors did take her tube out of nose for me to photograph for just a brief moment and she did great, but I was still nervous. End the end the newborn photos documented a moment in this little girls journey and I am so happy I was a part of it!

All I could think about in the session was that one day I hoped these photos would speak a million words of GOD’S grace!


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Photo Piper’s parents posted today of her on her 1st birthday!


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