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The Best Wedding Vendors in Knoxville TN || Knoxville Wedding Vendors

The Best Knoxville Wedding Vendors (and surrounding areas)


The best part about being a wedding photographer in Knoxville (other than the clients) is the AMAZING people I get to work with! Knoxville wedding vendors are the BEST! Seriously, I could not ask for better individuals to work along side of as I dream my dreams and chase after something so much more than just a job.

I could not think of anyone else I’d rather work a wedding day with than Knoxville Wedding Vendors.

Here’s some examples

-10 hour days in the rain, hauling in equipment, in a dress and rain boots, holding umbrellas over the brides head and telling her she looks amazing and her photos will still be amazing even though it a monsoon outside and they just step in and help encourage her

-Days when it feels like a thousand outside with humidity of a million, on a farm, in a cow field, touting lighting equipment, with full makeup on trying to not melt (or DIE!) and they offer to help you or bring you cold water

-Sharing vendor moments of “oh crap that just happen” and then just laughing because thats all you can do

-Cherishing the moments we get to hang out together on a Tuesday for brunch in January (because well thats the only time you have)

-Texting and Face-booking at 3 AM because they are all still up even when they don’t have a wedding for their schedule is as jacked up as yours is

-Realizing all your best friend are your wedding vendors

-Being able to vent about the most random things that do not matter in life but matter on a wedding day and they TOTALLY get you

-Laughing until you cry at absolutely nothing because you are so deliriously tired

– Having them on your speed dial and knowing if something happen at a wedding or in your personal life THEY HAVE YOUR BACK—NO QUESTIONS

Unless your are a wedding vendor you won’t get any of the above and unless your are a Knoxville wedding vendor you will only get some of these.

I know days are long and you guys work hard, but keep on keeping on for you make being a wedding photographer in Knoxville worth it all!

Shout out to all the beautiful people who have believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, who have cheered me on when my world was falling apart and to those who still love me despite all my weirdness! Heres to rocking out 2014 and gearing up for 2015!



Below are just some of the beautiful creations and moments that theses Knoxville vendors have helped create!


bangs and blushes

special notes

bride and groom wedding flowers by Melissa Timm

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