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.. Tips For Attending A Bridal Show || The Pink Bridal Show

Are you are attending The Pink Bridal Show this Sunday in Knoxville, TN? If your answer is yes then listen up! We have some tips for attending a bridal show that will help you rock it out! If your answer is no, then you have to cancel all your plans on Sunday and go!

If you are wondering what the heck is The Pink Bridal show then click hereIn short, The Pink Bridal Show is a top-notch bridal show that’s been running in Knoxville for years. The Pink Bride searches high and low for some of the best wedding vendors in Knoxville, TN. From there they put them all in one large room on the same day. It’s kind of like a massive bridal mall where you can check out wedding vendors in one place.

Tip 1 Set Your Wedding Date

If you don’t have your wedding date set, make sure you do before you go. I know this may be super stressful to think about. I know some of you may have just received an engagement ring, but please consider setting the date. Having a date set helps in several ways. First having a date lets wedding vendors know you are serious about wedding planning.

Wedding vendors need to know your wedding date also to see if they are available. If you talk to a vendor, you love them, but you don’t have a date it does you no good because until you have a date you can’t set up any appointments for they may already have your date booked. Plus you could possibly rack up on some extra saving by booking at the show and that means having a date.

Tip 2 Call In Reinforcement

Call your bridal party and tell them to cancel all their plans because you are having a girls day out! Think of how cool it would be to share a shopping spree with your with your BFF’s for things for your wedding? There will be a Pink Bride Photo Booth to grab some pics, tons of food and did we mention wedding cake…yes cake ladies!! Plus they can help keep you focused and keep you from stressing! You also may win prizes and you will have lots of handouts so you may need some extra hands. Also, bring anyone helping make choices in purchases. If you find an amazing vendor or deal you don’t have to miss out on it because you have to touch base with someone who isn’t there.

Tip 3 Get Organized

Let’s face it, there’s going to be a lot of amazing vendors at the bridal show so get organized before you go. Make a list of types of vendors you need. Wedding photographer, DJ, Florist and so on. For some of you, this may be your starting point for planning your wedding and for others, you may just need one or two vendors. Once you get your list go online to The Pink Bride and click on their links of vendors in your categories who will be at the show. Check out those vendors websites before the bridal show to narrow down your choices and then plan on stopping by to say hello. Go to these vendors booth first for they may get booked up, then use the map you’ll receive when you enter the show to find other options.

Tip 4 Set A Budget  & Bring Money

Set down and try to get at least a general idea of your budget. Once you have this budget and you start speaking to wedding vendors you can know an estimate of what budget you have to work with. If you are speaking with a vendor and they are within your budget you can make plans to book with them or set up a meeting, if they are out of your budget you won’t waste your time.

Tip 5 Bring A Form Of Payment

Bring your checkbook or credit card! A lot of wedding vendors will have show only specials, so if you find a perfect match be prepared to go ahead and book them while they are still available for your wedding date.  Sometimes you will save hundreds by booking at the show, and other times you will save the peace of mind knowing that the other 800 brides can’t take your wedding date from your favorite vendors because you have them booked.

Tip 6 Wear Comfortable Shoes

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes! I know some of you ladies love those high heels, but I promise you this bridal show is big and your feet will hate you for putting them in some sexy pumps! You can still be stylish in flats!

Tip 7 Charge Your Phone

I know having your phone charged is probably the last thing you thought about having on this list, but you may need it. You can keep notes in your phone on your favorite wedding vendors for later review. You may want to take some photos of some things that inspire you and maybe a selfie or 10!

Tip  8 Have Fun

Yes this show is important but don’t forget to have fun! Wedding planning can be stressful, but if you are organized it can be fun!

Come to see us at The Pink Bride Show here in Knoxville, TN. It will be from 11-4 at the Knoxville Convention Center. Tell us you read our Tips Blog and we will hook you up with a little something special!

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Come to see us at The Pink Bridal show!

Below is last years, BUT this year it’s totally different! Swing by to check out our Kate Spade inspired booth!

Tips for attending a bridal show

tips for attending a bridal show