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Boudoir Photography, A Gift For Your Man || Boudoir Photographer Knoxville TN

Boudoir Photography, A Gift For Your Man || Boudoir Photographer Knoxville TN

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of messages from women saying they’d love to do a boudoir session for the man in their life BUT…….

They are too fat

They are too skinny

They are too nervous

They are too shy

They don’t feel beautiful

They are scared

They are afraid they will be judged by family

And the list of excuses goes on and on!

Ladies let me tell you a big secret, even the models that I shoot feel the same way! Yes its true! You know why? Because their bodies aren’t perfect either, no ones is!

You see most of the people who come to us for boudoir sessions aren’t models, they are stay at home moms, school teachers, ladies who are trying to spice up their marriage or soon to be wives wanting to gift their husbands. The cool thing is, the man in your life will love boudoir photography because they love you, they love your bodies just they way they are!

So I had a plan, what if we did a Boudoir Photography Day or two. A day where you could come, get your hair and make up done, have a glass of wine, jam out to some music and even bring your best friend to hang out with you that day!

I’m a Boudoir Photographer Knoxville TN so we’ve done this a time or two and its alway be such a fun few days for all thats involved.

So January 18th and February 1st we are doing just that, have boudoir days! The photos will be ready before Valentines Day and I PROMISE your man will love them!

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