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5 Tips On Organizing After A Bridal Show

You’re engaged and maybe you thought attending a bridal show would be the perfect place to help kick off your search for wedding vendors. You and your bridal party gear up to hit the big bridal show in town and you set out to find the perfect wedding vendors.

You attend the bridal show, where I’m assuming you had an absolute blast! You and the girls probably eat food, tasted cake and got to chat with amazing wedding vendors, not to mention inspired to design your wedding.

You arrived home from gathering information from the bridal show with a 10 pound  bag of business cards, handouts and samples. You were excited to go thru the information, so you poured it out on the floor, then it hit you….What the heck! How am I going to organize all this information?

Organizing after a bridal show can be a little overwhelming, it can be stressful and you could reach the point of giving up and throwing all the information away because you don’t want to deal with it.

STOP, there’s hope! Below are just a few tips to help you organize your bridal show material.

5 Tips on Organizing After A Bridal Show

1. Get out a sharpie and some sticky notes. Write on the sticky notes categories; Wedding photographers, cake, caterers, DJ’s, Venues, Wedding dress and so on.

2. Get your bridal party to help go thru all the material. Sift thru the information and stack them into piles according to categories.

3. Once your piles are made, throw away anything that you already have booked in that category.

4. Check out each persons website. Only keep 1-3 of your favorites wedding vendors in each category. Keeping this many will give you options if one of your top pick vendors are already booked. Throw away the rest.

5. Now that you have smaller piles of wedding vendors you can start planning your wedding!

Before you start booking vendors I read this article on The Knot and it gave some great tips on how to go about planning your wedding. I found it pretty spot on and wanted to share. Engagement To Do’s by The Knot

Also our local bridal show The Pink Bride offers amazing free worksheets you can download which will help in organizing after a bridal show as well.

Good luck and happy wedding planning! If you are getting ready to attend a bridal show heres some tips on being prepared for that! Tips On Attending A Bridal Show


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If you attend the Pink Bridal show we’ve extended our show special until Wednesday the 21st! Contact us for details

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