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Why You Shouldn’t Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer

Everyone has access to a pretty decent camera, right? Anyone can pick up a camera or even an iPhone for that matter, snap a photo and then edit it with some free software. Seems easy right? What could possibly be hard about that and what could possibly go wrong? Surely my friend could shoot my wedding! If those thoughts have crossed your mind, then this blog is for you!

You shouldn’t hire a professional wedding photographer if

If… you want all your ceremony photos look like you are a mile away because your friend doesn’t have adequate camera lens to zoom in on you and the grooms face.

If… when you look back on your photos you don’t want to relive the emotions of the day.

If… you want your family photos to be a train wreck.

If… you want your guest to wait at the reception for two hours while your friend takes bridal party, bride and groom.

If… you want parts of  your wedding missed because your friend is trying to figure out their camera settings when lighting is dark at the reception hall.

If… you want to wait forever until you get your wedding photos back because they don’t know how to edit them or possibly don’t get them edited at all.

If… you want to be stressed out and worry if your friend is photographing what you want.

If… you could care less if your friend losses your wedding photos.

As a professional wedding photographers we have to think five steps ahead of what’s happening at the moment during a wedding. We have to mesh our timelines perfectly with all the other wedding vendors that are at your wedding.

We have to know how to use our gear all while jumping fences, climbing trees and doing belly crawls (kinda like a ninja) to do whatever it takes catch emotions as they are happening. On top of all that we have to safely get home with the images, back them up, edit them and then delivery beautiful pieces of artwork to you, all while making it look easy enough that anyone can do it.The truth is not just anyone can do it!

The thing about hiring an amateur is that they are learning! Do you want to be their experiment? If so by all means hire them, but remember there are NO do overs! You can’t relive one of the happiest days of your life and the only proof you’ll have that it happen is photographs, so hire your friend at your own risk!

They say “If you think hiring a professional photographer is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur”

I couldn’t agree more with this statement!

If… you truly don’t value your wedding day, then you shouldn’t hire a professional wedding photographer.

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