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March For Missions ||Relationships For Christ Ministries|| Knoxville TN Humanitarian Photographer

March For Missions ||Relationships For Christ Ministries|| Knoxville TN Humanitarian Photographer

A year and a half ago I met this girl on the other side of the planet. Yap, you heard right, in Africa! I was on a mission trip with CHN, which is a local organization I volunteer with on a weekly basis. I was there doing their video and photography on this trip. CHN is a organization that provides missionary care.

I can remember meeting Amanda for the first time and feeling like we’ve know each other all my life. We hung out while in Africa and promised to keep in touch. Little did I know this meeting would turn in to a great friendship. Over the past year and a half I’ve loved getting to know her heart for missions, for people and for God. I’m so blessed to call her my friend! I love seeing how God is using her and her husband through missions and how He’s mapping out their lives.

Amanda and her husband Chris are part of Relationships for Christ Ministries and Project Samuel. This ministry has multiple site around the world and this couple is in the process of starting up another site in Nicaragua. This ministry aids in the revitalization of communities and helping them sustain life on their own in a healthy and productive way. In the process of this their main focus is  showing people the love of Jesus.

Today is one of their events March For Missions #marchformissions . A 5k event where we walk and raise funds and awareness for world missions. Today I’ll be wearing my shirt, praying for this couple and posting some photos along the way as I wear my shirt here in TN.


This was us in Africa! Yes we were cheesin’ big!



African sunrises are breathtaking