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Emily and Tyler || The Loveless Cafe || Nashville, TN Wedding Photographer

Emily and Tyler || The Loveless Cafe || Nashville, TN Wedding Photographer

We met Emily and Tyler through Emily’s great aunt Edith last year at another wedding venue we shoot at here in East TN. Even though they lived in Nashville were we able to shoot their wedding because we travel often for destination weddings.

They had their wedding at their church, where Emily’s father help preform the ceremony. The neat thing about the church was it had most cool colored walls in some parts of the church. The beautiful navy wall in the bridal suite is where we took Emily’s classic bridal portrait.  In one of the hallways there was a deep purple wall so we took Tyler’s groom portrait there.

After their ceremony they had their reception at the barn at The Loveless Cafe, which was right down the street from the church. I didn’t get to visit inside the iconic Loveless Motel, but all the more reason to go back to Nashville!

We pray you both are blessed in years to come and continue putting Christ first in your marriage!

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