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Whitestone Country Inn During A Snow Storm

Whitestone Country Inn During A Snow Storm

Whitestone Country Inn during a snow storm is something thats simply breathtaking! Whitestone is beautiful in every season, but for me being able to capture and see it for the very first time during a snow storm was a special treat! Its been on my list of things I wanted to take photos of and even though its spring now, this day of playing in the snow a super fun day!

First of all seeing wild Eagles, never gets old! There’s something about seeing them thats almost magical. Then there’s the part where I played with the horses and helped make sure they were warm and fed. (as you can tell I’m an animal lover) Walking the property with my camera in my hand, no cell phone and no schedule to attend to was just the little break I needed, even if it was just for a few hours!

To see what Whitestone looks like in the fall check out this video https://vimeo.com/107967826 Its a little video I had the privilege of being there when it was made by Ryan’s Productions 
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