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Country Manor Acres | Brent and Sara | Knoxville Wedding Photographers

Country Manor Acres | Brent and Sara | Knoxville Wedding Photographers

This Country Manor Acers summer wedding of Sara and Brent was simple and sweet. This couple’s wedding was laid back and so much fun!

Brent and Sara found us online about a year ago and once we spoke over the phone we know they were the perfect couple for us! They were planning a Tennessee wedding all the way from California and we assured them that we could assist in making this process a little easier for them seeing we were wedding photographers who have experience in booking out of state couples and destination weddings.

The thing we loved about Sara and Brent’s wedding was it was intimate and beautiful! We had never shot at Country Manor Acres, but once we arrive on the property we understood why her and Brent had picked the location. The wedding venue sits near the Smoky Mountain National forest on 55 acres. The property has a barn, pond and killer views of the sunset!

Sunset Photo

April, owner of Country Manor Acres wrote this piece after we shared the sunset photo with her.

“The black lace is the intricate design created by a tree line at the top of a mountain ridge. It is the top of the ridgeline, it is not a dense forest of trees that hides the light, but instead, it is a very sheer veil.  The more scantily clad the lace patterns create, the more allure it seems to have. It seduces the viewer to see through the lace to the unadorned neon colored skylight from just behind the trees.

This happens only at the end of the day when the light behind the tree line is brighter than the light in front of the trees. That is when the green and brown from the trees are silhouetted by the background light, turning those patterns to black lace, with backgrounds of brilliant color and light.”


Photographer: Your Reflections

Venue: Country Manor Acres 

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