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Carringer Family Photos || Knoxville Family Photographer

Carringer Family Photos || Knoxville Family Photographer

I have known of the Carringer Family since I started going to Faith Promise Churchthey are in leadership there and serve in many areas of the church. However, I really didn’t know them other than a hello or goodbye on Sunday mornings until last week. I have to say that getting to know this family a little better last so much fun.

Zach may have just came because of dinner promised after the family photos (but I think he had fun). Kelly (Zach’s girlfriend) Maggie and Emily were happy to be there, but who knew Chuck would be so enthusiastic about family photos! It was refreshing to not have to beg a dad to happily participate in HIS OWN family photos. I have to say Chuck’s favorite part may have been the photos of him and Emily (I still giggle about it). I don’t think if I would have told him I was giving him a free vacation he would have been more excited. Being a wedding photographer in Knoxville TN I see a lot of brides and grooms interact every weekend, I love that this couple still have that spark between each other after years of marriage.


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