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Emily and Phillip || The Plantation Barn of 1810 || Morristown TN Wedding Photographer

Emily and Phillip || The Plantation Barn of 1810 || Morristown TN Wedding Photographer

The Plantation Barn Of 1810

What a privilege it was to shoot Emily and Phillip’s wedding at The Plantation Barn of 1810 in Morristown, TN. I just adore this couple to pieces! They are kind, they are funny and trust me completely with all things photographic. Their wedding was simple, it was beautiful and they incorporated some of Emily’s family Samoan traditions into the wedding at The Plantation Barn of 1810.¬†Emily and Phillip had family that traveled from all over the country to come to their Morristown TN wedding and even though everyone didn’t know each other it was for sure one big family celebration.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was when Emily gave Phillip a bundle of letters she had written to him over the years that he hadn’t even seen! When Phillip opened the package and started reading the first letter I felt this big lump in my throat! How amazing would if feel to know someone was writing you love letters even when you didn’t know it! Another favorite part of their wedding was when they washed each others feet during the ceremony. They did this to symbolize where in the Bible it references feet washing and how they were equals and servants to each other in their marriage. It was simply beautiful. Then there was the leis that her aunts had help her make that they gave out before the money dance. I received one, which made my day! It was beautiful and smelled so good!

I’m so happy they picked us to shoot their wedding at The Plantation Barn of 1810 for I could have not hand picked a better couple to spend my Saturday with celebrating a new beginning in their lives together. May God bless you both in this new journey!




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Love Letters Emily wrote to Phillip for years

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Foot washing at their wedding

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They had a biscuit bar!

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samoan money dance, just google it!

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