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Courtney and her grandfather

As a Knoxville photographer I’ve seen my share of fathers that could have overflowed a river with tears on their daughters wedding day. There’s something about a fathers love that makes a grown mans heart melt or even break into a million tiny pieces at the thought of walking the young girl down the isle he’s been a father to. I don’t know if its the fact he will be entrusting another man to take care her, that she is loosing his last name, that she’s not a baby anymore or maybe a little of all the above and more. One thing is for sure that the emotions we get to capture on a wedding day between a father and his daughter can sometimes be one of my favorite moments for that day.

I’ll admit when I see an emotional father-daughter moment between one of my clients and her father there are tears behind my camera lens. I then turn to look at the camera crew around me (video and photo) and they are crying too. Sometimes people assume we know the bride beyond a client, but most of the time we don’t. To amazing thing is that we do get to know our couples pretty well and sometimes their families too during the wedding process, so I feel so blessed to be a part of tender moments like these. Its amazing how the overwhelming feeling of the emotions we get to capture somehow seep through our cameras and make its way to our hearts.

Being a Knoxville photographer we have had the honor of shooting so many amazing brides and their father figures. From grandfathers, to uncles, to friends of the family, stepdads and biological fathers that have all been involved in our her life in a way that made her feel loved and valued and earned the role “dad”.  The one thing I love about relationships is that a strong bond between people can have nothing to do with blood relationships. A father doesn’t have to do anything with DNA, but everything to do with love.

To all the men who have been father figures to our brides, thank you for not being afraid to laugh and cry around us. For loving your daughters enough to wear your heart on your sleeve (even if for one day) to remind her she is valued and loved. Below are some of our favorite images both old and new of some people who have helped played fatherly role in our brides lives.

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.  –Jim Valvano


father and daughter first look

Jennifer’s dad Randy seeing her for the first time

father at wedding

Alex’s dad seeing her for the first time

bride and dad

Erin’s dad seeing her for the first time

dad at wedding

Brittanie’s and her dads, father daughter dance

father daughter dance at wedding

Ellen’s father daughter dance

bride at wedding

First look between Tara and her father figure Eddie

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Lyndsey and her dad walking down the isle

knoxville tn wedding photographers

Mike seeing Kike for the first time

wedding photographers knoxville tn

Kike’s father daughter dance