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See You In Verona || Knoxville Photographer

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See You In Verona || Knoxville Photographer

When I decided to become a Knoxville Photographer I never thought I’d have to pretend I was in Verona, Italy to create the perfect photo session, but it worked out so great! When I got the email from my church that some of our friends would be in town and they needed some update photographs I was so excited to do them. We emailed back and forth about dates and times, but there was a catch…they live in Verona, Italy (ya I know I’m jealous too) and they wanted the session to have a Italy feel. Ok but theres a problem…um we are in Knoxville, TN!  You know the country! Mostly red barns, farms, tractors…you get the picture. Ya totally not a Verona feel at ALL!!

I thought about places we could shoot, but honestly my mind went blank for even though we have a downtown in Knoxville, its not Verona! I thought about it for a while and then figured the old city (a part of downtown) may work. Going into this session I kept thinking “Think Verona” and I’m so pleased with how this session turned out!

Shannan and Nick are doing such a great work in Verona, Italy. I could sit and listen to their stories all day long. I love how God how sends people to cross our paths, to encourage us (even when we don’t know we need encouraging) Newly found friends, I pray many blessing on you and your joineries ….See you in Verona!

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