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Jim and Erin || Whitestone Country Inn || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographers

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Knoxville TN Wedding Photographers || Jim and Erin || Whitestone Country Inn

Being Knoxville TN Wedding Photographers we shoot some amazing weddings, but the ones that make our heart skip a beat the most are the ones where the couple a madly in love. Love keeps us young, makes us laugh and makes us carefree. One of the things I like best about Jim and Erin is they both turn into giddy kids when they are around each other! Don’t believe me? Go look through their wedding photos or engagement photos (link below) and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll also see several random photos of Jim in the blog below. Jim kept photo booming us all night long with funny faces and it would be a shame not to show them off to the world! I love that this couple can have fun together and that they can laugh together. Its the little things that connect me with my couples and this couple was for sure a perfect fit for Your Reflections! Anyone that is kind to others, can laugh and of course love animals will always rank high in my book.

Erin and Jim’s wedding was simple and beautiful. Every detail had heart, every detail was meaningful and every detail pointed right back to Jim and Erin. I love a wedding with a lot of details not only does it give use something to shoot, but it also gives us a little insight of what makes a couple tick.

Fun fact of the day: Erin’s favorite movie is Steel Magnolias and her mom surprised her when an armadillo cake (that she made herself)! Go google Steel Magnolias armadillo cake scene if you’ve never watched it and you will understand why this is so funny. Erin actually cried when her mom surprised her with it. Apparently Erin had said ever since she was little that she wanted an armadillo cake on her wedding day.

Speaking of Erin’s mom, I have to give a shout out to Erin’s parents. They spent so much time helping make this wedding special. Dan and Pat came to their consultation with them, their engagement session with them and even baked homemade goods as wedding treats for their wedding favors. I adore when families come together for big and small life events!

Jim and Erin, may you always be giddy, may you always laugh with (and at) each other and may you alway love big!

We wish you All The Best!


Photographer- Your Reflections

Venue- Whitestone Inn

Catering – Whitestone Inn

Coordinator: Deneise Lane

Cake- Regina Long with B & G Catering

Flowers- Abloom Florist

Dress- Alfred Angelo

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