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Morris Island Lighthouse || Charleston, SC Photographer || Ballerina Photographs

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Morris Island Lighthouse || Charleston, SC Photographer || Ballerina Photographs

A few weeks ago I went to visit my nephews in Charleston, SC , one of my favorite places for a weekend getaway. There’s many things I love to do while I’m in Charleston from relaxing on the beach, walking around downtown, enjoy the history the city has to offer and of course eating at all the amazing restaurants.

I always try to find new adventures when I travel, it keeps things exciting! Last year I stubbled upon Morris Island Lighthouse. To get to the lighthouse you park at the end of Folly Beach and with a short walk you will arrive to a very private beach area where the lighthouse is located.

While in Charleston I decided to go see sunrise at the Morris Island Lighthouse and invited my nephews and their cousins along for the adventure. All four of them had never seen the sunrise before so I knew they were in for a treat. I also had a thought what if I took some shots of their cousin Grace who is a dancer for her 15th birthday, so we planned the trip!

We woke up about 4:30 AM, left north Charleston by 5 arriving at Morris Island Lighthouse around 5:30. We walked to the lighthouse with daybreak upon us just in time to get setup and watch the sunrise. It was spectacular!

Life can get busy, life can be hard, but it can also be fulfilling. Take time to get up early every once in a while to go see the sunrise, it will make you feel alive, it will remind you that this world is a beautiful place.

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