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Knoxville Photographer || Lucille

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Knoxville Photographer || Lucille

The thing about being a Knoxville Photographer is I get to meet some amazing people, people who are kind and people who I’d hang out with outside of shooting their photographs.

Amelia and Jason have been my clients for six years. That means when I first started taking photographs¬†they found me (probably on craigslist, yes you heard right!). Thankfully I didn’t mess up their photos enough to stop them from coming back (I’m sure they were not great). Let’s be honest when, people are new photographers they have no clue what they are doing. Gezz, I’ll be honest I was a hot mess. Thankfully so much has changed along the way, but each day is still a learning process. I’m even more thankful that these two stuck it out with me and all my learning!

Now I get to shoot their little girl’s photographs. Lucille is absolutely adorable! It amazes me every time I get to see her how much she has grown and how much she is changing. When I arrived at the photo session this time she ran to me and gave me a hug and wanted to talk. Last time she wasn’t so sure on talking to me, even thought I’ve shot her photographs since she was born. Lucille is still little and I don’t think she was so sure about this photoshoot thing. She was sure about the swings, the sucker I bought her and the goldfish crackers her mommy brought. If I was her aged I’d totally be into those things too!

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