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Dear Anonymous Donor || Knoxville TN Humanitarian Photographer

Knoxville TN Humanitarian Photographer

Dear Anonymous Donor || Knoxville TN Humanitarian Photographer


Dear Anonymous Donor,

There are times when we all wonder if what we are doing for the Kingdom is actually making an impact. If our voices are being heard in the wilderness and if all the time, money, sweat and tears are even worth it. There are times in our lives when we are searching for our calling, we are longing for answers and wanting to know what the future holds.  Then there are times when we know exactly what God wants for our lives and we find ourselves pursuing it like great adventure into the unknown. Neck deep in the waters of His love, marching onward with our heads held high screaming to the top of our laughs a battle cry.

Today I find myself right where I need to be, basking in the presence of a faithful God. A God who not only knows my hearts desires, but fulfills them. A God who has given me a talent that I can’t even explain and a even more incredible platform to use it for His Kingdom. Today I’m reminded that if we are faithful in the small things He will be faithful in the big things. Your donation has yet again confirmed I’m walking in the fullness of how He wants to use me.

Anonymous Donor, your contributions to The Caribbean Christian Center For The Deaf is going to help them tremendously. What you didn’t know was, there is a need for me to come back and it was actually brought to my attention last week. What you did know is that you heard God’s voice to send a donation for a current need that they had. The amazing part was you heard God’s voice, but the incredible part is that you acted on what you heard. There are so many people that hear His voice, but do nothing about it. I commend you for being bold, stepping out in faith and doing exactly what God ask you to do. Hearing is hard, but doing is even more difficult.

I’ve been serving with short term missions for the past two years doing photography for non profits. I’ve had to fund my own way on these trips and they aren’t cheap. There have been times that I’ve felt like a beggar. I’ve sold t-shirts, sold mugs, shot extra photo sessions and asked for donations to go on these trips. Even though non-profits have a great need for high quality images to raise awareness and get additional funding, 98% of them do not have extra funds to get me there.  However the amazing thing is that God has always provided, every single trip that I needed to be on. Today you funded my next trip to Jamaica.

Thank you for listening to the heart of our father. I pray that He richly blesses you for your obedience. You, like so many people who have donated to my trips are making such an impact for the Kingdom. Because of you the world is getting to see the reality that is unspoken around the world and how Jesus in the middle of it all still working.

Together we can stand and together we can make a difference.