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5 Tips On Preparing For Your Photo Session || Knoxville TN Photographer

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5 Tips On Preparing For Your Photo Session || Knoxville TN Photographer

Being a Knoxville TN photographer I get many questions before we shoot peoples photo session. Some of the questions are about wardrobes, some are about time of day and the list goes on and on. I absolutely love that my clients care enough about their photographs that they want to show up and make it a successful photo shoot!

Tip 1 Don’t match, coordinate

Matching is naturally the first thing people think of when picking out outfits for a photo session. I think matching is the go to thing only because its a lot easier to get a family ready for a photo session then having to put a lot of time into planning out their wardrobe. The fact is, matching is actually the worst thing you can do for your outfits. I say this because if you are wearing the same color top and I ask you to hug the person next to you, all of a sudden you become visually larger. This happens because the colors bleed into each other. I also like the outfits not matching to just give a little variety to the photo itself.

Tip 2 Scheduled during the perfect time of day

If you are hiring a professional photographer in Knoxville TN they should already know what time of day to schedule your photo session. Normally early in the more or late in the evening is the best times to photograph. The best time also depends on the time of year and if the property has any shade or not. So definitely ask your photographer to help out on this one. Also try to time it after naps and children are fed if they are involved to insure a happy child.


Tip 3 Schedule on a day off

Parents we know you are busy trying to run a household, work a job, help kids with homework and after school activities! Schedule your photo session on your day off. Scheduling on your day of will reduce your stress and insure that you show up happy. If you don’t have kids, its still ok to schedule on a day off if your job is super stressful. We want you to show up relaxed and ready to have fun

Tip 4 Stay off Pinterest

I know, I know…Pinterest is awesome, but as a professional there are so many things that go into a photograph that we can’t promise to duplicate. Every photographer holds a different talent and also the time of day, wardrobe, location, body type and so on go into a photo. Asking a photographer to duplicate someone else work is like asking an artist to re paint a piece of artwork from another artist….sometimes it can be done and sometimes it can’t.  You can defiantly share your pin boards for a feel of the photo shoot for inspiration though.

Tip 5 Location

Discuss the location of the shoot prior to the day of the photo session. This will insure that the feel you are wanting will also work with the location the photographer has picked out. Also make sure you know where you are going. I know that sounds obvious but sometimes random barns and parks can be hard to find. We want you to be able to us the full time you have booked for your session rather than driving around lost.

If you have questions always ask your photographer, its better to be prepared than unprepared.