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Knoxville TN Childrens Photographer || 3 Little Boys And Their Nanna

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Knoxville TN Childrens Photographer || 3 Little Boys And Their Nanna

This Knoxville TN Childrens Photographer got to hang out with these three little boys and their nanna last week for their fall photo session. I’ve know their nanna Christy and her husband Rick for a few years now, they go to my church but I actually met them in Africa on a mission trip.

When Christy message me wanting to book a session for her three grandsons I knew I would have my hands full! Three little boys and 30 minutes to capture the perfect fall photos, play with them, find the horse they wanted to see and let them feed her! Yes you guessed it, go go gadget super Tonya!

The day arrived, Christy pulled up and out jump three little indians ready to find their horse and ride into the sunset (or something like that). The photo session I’ll admit wore me out, but gosh it was so fun! The last photo is me getting attacked by the silly string I  brought them. Funny, the cheif getting shot with her own bow and arrow by the indians! My favorite photo from the session is when I asked Christy aka nanna to join the boys in a picture. She sat down and on three I said tickle fights, and the above happened. Love that candid moment!

The photo session was a success. I love hearing kids giggle, seeing them run around and just enjoy being little. Spending time with kids, its the best! We all had fun, no casualties by the indians, all ended well and I’m in love with how their photos turned out.

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