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Birthday || Thinking Out Loud

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Birthday || Thinking Out Loud

Wednesday was my birthday, I turned 33. How did 33 get here so fast? It seemed like just yesterday I was playing with baby dolls, acting all grown up while playing house and skipping school to hang out with my parents for a fun day. Funny how some things never change. I still feel like I’m “acting” grown up, lets admit the play version was way easier. Still “playing house”, maybe one day I’ll figure out how to do all the things I need done to my house. Even though there is no school to skip, I’ll admit skipping a office day to hang with my parents is still pretty fun.

There may be a few things I miss about being a kid, mainly someone else paying for everything, cooking, know no responsibility part, but life is good. There have been moments I thought I’d never make it through and there have been moments I wish time could stand still; both have thought me to appreciate life. I’ve lost people who I thought were my friends and gained people who I thought would have been the most unlikely friends. I’ve loved and I’ve lost, that one kinda sucked, but thankfully God has made beauty for ashes and I’m so happy being single and pursuing Him in my singleness. In the end the people that were suppose to be in my life they have stayed and they are pretty awesome folks. This girl for the middle of no where KY got out of her small town, has traveled the world, got to see things I couldn’t even imagine and yet still loves to go back.  I have learned that having all the stuff in the world still can’t make me happy and neither can people. Having God in my life is a must, its too hard without Him (trust me I tried and screwed that up pretty bad)

Life is what you make it. I’m thankful for another year on this earth, doing what I feel God’s called me to do. Being an adult may be hard at times, but I’ll take today over yesterday any day!

For the birthday calendar year I have a lot of new things I’d like to do.

*Take two bucket list trips. Alaska to see the Northern Lights and drive cross country to hit several national parks.

*Take my parents on a well deserved vacation

*Get people who are connected to me through my business involved in a charity where we serve together locally

*At least one mission trip

*Invest in education for my business

*Schedule days off with no emails or social media

*Make more time for people who are important in my life

*Get my butt in gear to get healthy again (can we all say a prayer now)

*Get the repairs and design work done on my house completed that I’ve been working on

*Take my dog on more walks, he deserves to spend time being out with me

*Print my personal photos out




Below are some photos from my birthday aka day off. I spent it with my phone turned off. Me and my pup had a great day in The Great Smoky Mountains at Cades Cove exploring. I’ll post next week on the trip to Cades Cove

tonya cades cove gatlinburg tn_2cades cove gatlinburg tn_0642