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Blacky Family || Children Photography Knoxville TN

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Blacky Family || Children Photography Knoxville TN

Photographing children is such a joy for me. It gives me a little break from the madness of weddings (which I love) and lets me focus on another skill set….chasing moving objects. Kids are so great, they have no cares in this world and they are funny. Kids speak their minds with no filter and they mean no harm by what they say. Kids are simply the best!

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Breanna since she was born. I actually photographed her mommy and daddy’s wedding! They live out of state, but every fall their whole family gets together in TN for football (of course) and they always set up a large family session in Knoxville. This year they called me and wanted to do two sessions. One for just Breanna, her mommy, daddy and her soon to be baby brother and then another for the whole family next month. I was so exited to be able to spend some time with Breanna now that she’s a little older. Its so cool watching children grow as they learn to how to communicate.

Breanna brought her Doc Mcstuffins doctor kit to play, she thought it was funny when I tried to listen to her heart! She loved twirling and showing me what she does in ballet too. Her little Matilda Jane outfit and little pink boots were the perfect touch for this photoshoot and her happy personality. Y’all she’s just too darn cute!

I can’t wait to shoot her whole families session in November and I’m even more exited to get to meet her baby brother next year! Cheers to many more photo session of little Miss Breanna and her family! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for these great clients.


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