The Plantation Barn of 1810

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The Plantation Barn Of 1810 || Morristown TN Family Photographer || Blanchard Family


The Plantation Barn Of 1810 || Morristown TN Family Photographer || Blanchard Family

The Plantation Barn Of 1810 in Morristown TN sits on hundreds of acres nestled in the hills of East TN. The history of this Morristown TN wedding venue is super neat and I had a chance to sit down with Alice Rogers, owner of The Plantation Barn Of 1810 last week to chat about it. Two facts about the property stood out to me; the original¬†owner of The Plantation Barn of 1810 rest on top of a hill near the barn and the barn is where the original owner use to live. There’s a lot more history to this wedding venue, but I thought these two were neat.

I’ve known the Blanchard girls ever since they were born and have had the privilege of watching them grown up. Little miss Hailey, Harrison and Harper should be clothing models! Their momma use to dress them in Ralph Lauren all the time and now she’s a little obsessed with Matilda Jane clothing. Good thing she has all girl, I don’t know what she’d do with a little boy! I guess she’d have to put in a request for Matilda Jane to make a boys line of clothing. I love when clients make sure that they coordinated for photo session (not match) and that they make a point to ask for my professional opinion on location, clothing and time of day to shoot. It makes me happy they trust my opinion!

These three little girls are so beautiful and have such fun little personalities. Last week I spent the evening with these little girls and their whole family. We played, giggled and tried to dodge rain clouds as we ran through the field at venue. There is nothing better than hearing little giggles and stories told by kids.

I can’t wait to continue watching them grow up, to see what they will do and who they will become. Until next time, enjoy these photos.





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