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2015 Year End Review || Personal Post || Knoxville TN Photographer

2015 Year End Review || Personal Post || Knoxville TN Photographer

2015 was a year of change, a year of great accomplishments and a year of personal/spiritual/business growth. I was blessed to travel, I was able to cultivate friendships both new and old and tried to live in the moment. I was silly and I laughed until I cried. I walked through some hard things with friends and they walked through hard things with me. I made a point to be more attentive to Bailey (my dog) and to spend as much time as I could with family. I did some stupid things, some right out scary things and some things I’ve waited my whole life to do. I was reminded that family is everything, the material things are fickle and that God’s love overcomes all language barriers.

I’ve been preparing for 2016 already. I’ve been praying for guidance on choice that will be made and where God wants to lead me. I have a few mission trips in the works serving as their photographer, planning a cross country drive which is a bucket list item, I’d like to go on vacation as a family with my parents, take some small road trips, give back locally, serve more at church, finish remodeling my house, get on a better schedule, build my business, take time to hang out with friends, stay off social media so much and take up a new hobby of skeet shooting.

I can only pray that the upcoming year will be as great as the last.

Cheers to 2016!


Tonya (here’s my 2014 travel pics)

Here a little photo review of travel near and far. (I’ll be posting business and church end of the year photos this week)


wild eagles at whitestone country inn


An eagle flying over the chapel



Portrait of myself by Justin and Mary at one of their workshops in New Haven, CTyourreflections_0415Boston then to check off two bucket list items- NYC and Broadway Show which was Phantom Of The Opera


yourreflections_0426yourreflections_0428yourreflections_0421Trip to Charleston, SC to see my nephews


I bought a house this year and have been remodeling


Costa Rica mission trip and I spoke to a group of business people with a translator (that was pretty scary)


Look close, I’m there teaching them how to do “peace out”


From the inside out, a view from a woman’s home in Costa Rica


Chasing a the stars and moondog (aka rainbow around the moon)

yourreflections_0447yourreflections_0444Spent my birthday in the Smoky Mountains exploring and hanging out with Bailey pupyourreflections_0423yourreflections_0437yourreflections_0420

Mission trip to Jamaica yourreflections_0434yourreflections_0433yourreflections_0432yourreflections_0431yourreflections_0430yourreflections_0429yourreflections_0425yourreflections_0422

Bucket list trip to chase the Northern Lights in Alaska and also Arctic Circle