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Best of Faith Promise Church 2015 || Churches in Knoxville TN || Knoxville TN Photographers

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Best of 2015 Faith Promise Church || Churches in Knoxville TN || Knoxville TN Photographers

Take a look back at best of 2015 Faith Promise Church photos that I have. 2015 was a year of growth and serving for me, I’m so thankful for my church!

Hundreds of volunteers, staff and members pull together each weekend to make it all look so easy, but when you get a behind the scenes look you realize there’s so many things involved to making just one service happen. I’m so grateful for everyone involved in every area of Faith Promise Church, because every single person plays such a big role making the church function.

There are so many amazing opportunities to serve at Faith Promise Church and I’m happy that they have a place for me!  The reality is most churches wouldn’t even have use for a professional photographer, I’m thankful they not only have a use but a need for one. Faith Promise has been a great place to build community and become friends with people who walk beside me in life and I couldn’t see my self rooted in any other church.

2015 God did some amazing things at Faith Promise and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2016.

There are many churches in Knoxville TN, I’m so happy to call Faith Promise mine!


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