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Pink Bridal Show || 10 Tips To Organize Your Handouts || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographer

Does all those handouts from The Pink Bridal show have you feeling like……WHAT? Don’t worry, we have 10 tips to help you organize your massive bag of bridal show handouts!
Pink Bridal Show

Pink Bridal Show || 10 Tips To Organize Your Handouts || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographer

The Pink Bride Bridal Show is  an amazing event where hundreds of wedding vendors join forces with The Pink Bride to create the perfect environment for a newly engaged bride to shop for her wedding vendors in one place.

We think The Pink Bride Bridal Show is a genius idea, but what do you do with all those handout you take home? Good question! We have a solution!

Things you’ll need:

Wine or Coffee


Trash Can

Pen and Paper


10 Tips To Start Organizing 

1. Put on those pjs and grab that coffee (or wine)  (go on… do it now, you’ll want to be in the comfy zone)

2. Pour out the whole bag on the floor and set it on fire (totally kidding on the last part, don’t worry you’ll get through this)

3. Make a notecard for each wedding vendor category and make a place for what will soon be piles of separate handouts

4. Go through your handouts and separate into the categories you just made.

5. Throw out any category you have already booked.

6. Go through each category and throw away any vendor that doesn’t strike your interest at a glance.

7. With the remaining handouts take your time and check out the vendors websites. Again at first glance the vendor doesn’t strike your interest, toss their info.

8. Once you get the bag down to a manageable size, make a list of your top three wedding vendors per category .

9. Email each wedding vendor to ask if they still have your date open and to make sure they are within your budget.

10. Once you have your questions answered, budget set then make those appointments!

We highly recommend organizing your Pink Bride wedding handouts this week. Booking season for weddings is now, so the wedding vendors will start to have limited availability and if you’ve found a possible fit you want to get them book.

Happy Wedding Planning!


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