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Dear Wedding Professionals || A Call To Action || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographer

Dear Wedding Professionals || A Call To Action || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographer

Dear Wedding Professionals,

I encourage you all to be a support system for each other as we gear up for the upcoming wedding season. Be a strong pillar for each other and not a stumbling block. Be an encourager not a discourager. Carry the weight of the cross WITH each other rather than throwing the stone at one another. This world is hard and owning a small business is too. If we can walk in the trenches together, rather than standing on the sidelines mocking and watching the other person drawn, we would be an unstoppable force of professionals! Throw each other a lifeline, tag team them in the race to the finish line and cheer to the top of your lungs “you can do this”.

How much easier would owning a small business be if we had more cheerleaders behind us? How many people could we reach for Christ through our business if creativity was our driving focus over cutting each others throat when the opportunity arose? Have you ever stopped to think that this talent you possess isn’t yours in the first place? That these mad creative skills were not given to you for the sole purpose of creating pretty things or making money. Wake up people, wake up! Roar like a lion and fight off the enemy of competition together. It’s out there, the big ugly face of competition just waiting to peek its head out behind the darkness of lies and insecurities. It’s waiting to discourage you and if it can’t get you through discouragement, it will find another way to get to you but remember we are greater in numbers to fight it off one conversation at a time. The enemy of competition doesn’t attack the strong, it attacks the weak, don’t be a source it speaks through.

If you ever feel the need to compete, then compete with yourself. Compete with last years work or with your last weddings work, strive to be more creative or do a better job on the next gig, but never compare yourself to another person because you will never win. Set goals for yourself based on you, not on what other photographers are doing, its not fair to them or to yourself.

Refocus for 2016, reach out to each other, love on each other, cry with each other, go to lunch, drink coffee (lots of it) and just laugh! Owning your own business is hard, always being creative is down right exhausting sometimes and we need all the support we can get from this cruel world. Be strong and be the encouragement others need!



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