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May 6, 2016

Ally and Derek || Hunter Valley Farm Engagement Session || Knoxville TN Wedding Venue

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Ally and Derek || Hunter Valley Farm Engagement Session || Knoxville TN Wedding Venue


This Hunter Valley Farm engagement session was super fun to shot and we are so excited to be able to feature it on our blog today!

Ally and Derek’s friend referred them to us a few weeks ago and we are so excited to be able to shoot their East TN fall wedding! After speaking with this couple and what they had planned for their fall wedding, I knew the perfect place to shoot their engagement session. When Ally called to make arrangements for their engagement session I ran a few location options by her, but I don’t think she heard option two or three after she heard the words The Pavilion At Hunter Valley Farm. It was a few days until I could let her know for sure if schedules would allow us to shoot there, but as you can see the wait was worth it! I am so pleased with how this engagement session turned out! One of my favorite things about this session (other than All & Derek and Hunter Valley) is Ally’s red hat! I love when a couple takes time to carefully pick out their outfits down to their accessories!

Enjoy their photos on the blog and to see more of them click here and search for their names!

I can’t wait to meet everyone at the wedding!



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Check out if you are looking for a fun way to serve up drinks at your wedding!

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