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Ale’ and Tanner || Neyland Stadium Photo Session || Knoxville Photographer

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Ale’ and Tanner || Neyland Stadium Photo Session || Knoxville Photographer

Shooting a Neyland Stadium photo session was pretty amazing, I must admit! I’ve been blessed to shoot a Neyland Stadium wedding (it was awesome), but during this photo session we got a private tour!

Ale’ and Tanner attend my church Faith Promise where they serve whole heartily! They connected me a few weeks ago to shoot Ale’s graduation photos. The email went from me shooting her University Of Tennessee graduation photos, to a whole photo session complete with an amazing vip tour of Neyland Stadium! I met this couple at the law school division on UT’s campus where I shot Ale’ in her cap and gown. We shot at a few places in the law budding, including the library. (do you know how hard it is to do a photoshoot and not speak in the library lol hard!)

After her graduation photo session, we made our way down to the stadium where the real fun begin! I know the photo session was for her, but I have to say Tanner was a little excited. Maybe this would be a new way for men to get excited about photo shoots, include football! During this Neyland Stadium photo shoot we were able to see all the behind the scenes areas of the stadium, including the looker room! Even though I’ll never claim to be a super football fan, taking this tour kind of stirred someone up in me to finally check going to a UT game off my list of things to do in Knoxville.

I love this couple dearly and most of all their heart for the people of Faith Promise and Jesus! I know the future holds many amazing things for Ale’ as she works toward passing her Bar exam. I can’t wait to see what God does in her life and in their lives as a couple.



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