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Whitestone Country Inn Wedding || Jerry and Jessica || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographer

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Whitestone Country Inn Wedding || Jerry and Jessica || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographer

A Whitestone Country Inn wedding always comes with the view in the photo above. I think the owners would agree when I say they bought the view and the property came with it. This view never gets old! For nature lovers, there’s nothing like the acreage on the lake. If you’ve never been to Whitestone, you need to go check it out. They are a bed and breakfast in East TN that just so happens to host weddings as well. I love going there to take a few days off and  just relax, it’s a pretty spectacular place.

Jerry and Jessica contacted me after they had officially booked Whitestone. After a few emails and a phone call we know we’d be the perfect match for each other, so they booked and we started the planning process. Jerry and Jessica live out of town, but we are set up to be able to serve our clients that do not like here in Knoxville TN. They booked online and when they were back in town we shot their engagement session.

Their Whitestone Country Inn wedding was held two week and it was such a nice event. Fifty of their closest friends and family came in to town to celebrate with them and the day went perfect. Congratulations guys!




Wedding Vendors:

Photographer: Your Reflections

Venue: Whitestone Country Inn

Cake: Magpies Bakery

DJ: Special Notes Entertainment Agency 

Flowers: Lisa Foster Design

Makeup and Hair: Bangs and Blush


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