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A Cowboy And His Sister || Maryville TN Children’s Photographer

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A Cowboy And His Sister || Maryville TN Children’s Photographer

I normally don’t hold the title of a¬†Maryville TN children’s photographer, but when my past bride and groom have such cute kids I will gladly hold that title!

Amy’s and Dan were married at Twin Cedar Farm a few years back and I just fell in love with them and their family. Last year Amy’s mom contacted me to shoot Caden’s two year old photos and I was so excited. One month lead to two and then 10. Even though they had booked a photo session, Amy and Dan lived out of state and they were not back in TN much last year. They are officially back in TN and the photo shoot was finally scheduled, but this time we added in his little sister who was born last year!

Earlier this week I arrived at Kim and Steve’s farm in Maryville (Caden and Emery’s grandparents). Being a country girl every time I go to a working farm I just about loose it with excitement. For whatever reason I always wanted to grow up on a farm, but in Eastern KY where I’m from, you can’t have a farm on the side of the mountain. I was for sure a treat to hang out on their beautiful farm and play for the evening.

Caden (who is turning 3) thinks he is a real cowboy. He wears a cowboy hat and cowboy boots all the time. He also has the cutest little set of spurs that he wears. Caden also just got his first horse, Hershey. I mean, you can’t be a cowboy without a horse! It was the most adorable thing to follow him around the farm as he walked his horse on a lead rope, fead him, brushed him and of course just played! Emery (who is just under a year old) wasn’t into the whole hanging out of the farm yet, but I’m sure she will as soon as she starts walking!

By far this was such a great evening and I think even this wee-cowboy would agree!

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