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Kenyon Family || Family Photographer Knoxville TN

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Kenyon Family || Family Photographer Knoxville TN

I met Jody and Brian at my church here in Knoxville, TN and I knew immediately we would be good friends. Jody is so fun and well Brian, let’s just say he’s alright (lol you have to know our friendship to understand we bug each other a lot). I became close to them when we went to Costa Rica on a mission trip to our international Faith Promise campus. Spending that much time with people on a mission trip, you either walk away being their best friend not friends at all. Mission trips can defiantly challenge at person and for me, I’m thankful I walked away from this trip with two friends.

When they booked me to shoot their family photos, I was more than excited. It’s a pretty good job to get to hang out with people you love and help capture moments for them. Cheers to many more years of friendship and laughter!



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