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Four Sisters And A Photoshoot || Knoxville TN Children’s Photographer

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Four Sisters And A Photoshoot || Knoxville TN Children’s Photographer

Four little girls, all sisters came to get their summer photos shot last week. I should pray for their parents everyday because I would assume for kids is a lot of work, especially with them all being girls (oh goodness)! However these girls are very well behaved so the photo sessions always go well!

I’ve been shooting their photos since little girl #3 was about a year old. Now there’s four so it’s just that much more exciting on picture day! All the girls names start with a K, so you should see me trying to get it straight when we are running around playing. Kristi, their mom said to just call them by numbers 1,2,3,4 if things start getting crazy ha!

I love getting to see these sweet faces, they are all such happy little girls. I’m so thankful for clients that come back to this Knoxville TN children’s photographer year after year to let me document their wee-ones growing up!

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