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Twin Cedar Farm Wedding || Abbey and Dustin || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographers

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Twin Cedar Farm Wedding || Abbey and Dustin || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographers

This Twin Cedar Farm wedding is one of my favorite weddings that we’ve shot there. Despite it coming a down pour for two hours right as the ceremony was getting ready to start, every thing went flawlessly. For wedding professionals, a big lesson learned from this wedding was always be on your A game. For the bride and groom their lesson was, hire professionals that are always on their A game. When things like rain happens on your wedding day, plan B should work out just as well as plan A (if you’ve hired the right people).

Abbey and Dustin had decided when they booked us that they wanted to do a first look at their Twin Cedar Farm wedding! We are so happy they made this choice. As wedding photographers we can control a lot of things, but we can not control the weather. Having a first look allowed them to take most of their photographs before the wedding began and left little room to stress when the rain started to come down right before the ceremony. Even though the wedding did have to be moved inside, Twin Cedar Farm was in charge and promptly took care of everything. I’m so thankful that Abbey and Dustin hired a wedding venue that had a rain plan in place!

The wedding went as planned, just in doors. Soon after Abbey and Dustin said I Do it cleared up and we returned outside to finish some photographs they had requested down by the original ceremony site. The evening went so great and we had a blast! So thankful this couple picked us to shoot their wedding!

We wish them the best of luck in their marriage and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!

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Wedding Vendors:

Twin Cedar Farm

Your Reflections

Mellisa Timm Design

Sweet Beginnings By Elaine

Campbell’s Tent and Party Rentals

Brown Bag Catering


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