Whitestone Country Inn Weddings

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Whitestone Country Inn Weddings || Derek and Ally || Wedding Photographers Knoxville TN

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Whitestone Country Inn Weddings || Derek and Ally || Wedding Photographers Knoxville TN

Whitestone Country Inn Weddings are always a joy to shoot, but there’s something about the view of lake from the property that adds a special touch of wow to a wedding day. It’s no surprise for anyone who knows Ally, that she’d want to have their wedding on the lake. As I found out very fast, Ally’s love for the lake is (almost as strong) as her love for Derek! Their ceremony was at Whitestone and then their reception at Ally’s parents house which is just a few miles down the road (which is also on the lake).

The thing I love about this couple is their love for Jesus! Our first meeting was at their engagement session at Hunter Valley Farm and I knew they were the perfect fit for Your Reflections. We did nothing but laugh the entire engagement session. Couples like this make up what we are all about as a company….love for people, love for life and love for Jesus!

Side note: Any bride and groom who answers their wedding  day questionnaire with the only special instruction is to make sure I have fun (and truly meant that) automatically gets a fist bump and a high five (or 10).

Fast forwad to their wedding day…it was epic! Their first look, check out Derek’s face below and their reaction to each other. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thats the kind of first looks we long to capture! There is nothing that can replace raw emotion. Speaking of emotion, lets talk about Ally….that girl was the most joyful bride ever! Don’t believe me? Look at her face in the photos below, pure joy! Last but not least, let me add that anyone who arrives to their wedding reception by boat automatically is cool, no questions asked!

Derek and Ally, I pray God blesses you beyond measure as you embark on this new journey together. May the distance between Nashville and Knoxville only strengthen your marriage and that it will only add to the stories you get to tell others in the future!




Photographer: Your Reflections Wedding Venue: Whitestone Country Inn Cake: Amazing Bakes Cookies & Cakes DJ: Sword Sounds  Suites: Joseph A. Banks Bar: Bargers Beer Truck Wedding Coordinator: Deneise Lane



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