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Knoxville Marriage Proposal || Carlos and Ashley || Wedding Photographers Knoxville TN

Knoxville Marriage Proposal silhouette sunset wedding proposal at whitestone country innKnoxville Marriage Proposal || Carlos and Ashley || Wedding Photographers Knoxville TN

This Knoxville marriage proposal is something I’m so excited to share on the blog today!

When Carlos emailed me a few weeks ago explaining he was going to propose to Ashley and to document it by hiring a professional photographer I was so excited! I love when guys think ahead and realize that the engagement is something his soon to be finance’ would treasure professional photos of. I understand there are so many choices leading up to the proposal day, I’m thankful for people who value photography enough to add us into the planning process.

After a few emails from Carlos, he narrowed down the location he’d like to propose to Ashley at was Whitestone Country Inn. He said Ashley wouldn’t think he was up to anything (like proposing) because she’s been wanting professional photos of them shot of a while.

The couple meet me last week to get “couple photos” done (so Ashley thought). We walked around the property, laughing and taking photos and just enjoying the evening. Toward the end of the photo session I told Carlos and Ashley I had a perfect spot to catch an amazing sunset.

We jumped in my car and drove a few minutes up the road and sure enough sun was setting for the perfect proposal. We walked around to a few different spots, once the light was perfect I secretly gave Carlos the sign that I was ready whenever he was. Carlos got one one knee, Ashley at first thought he was joking and I think a little in disbelief that this was actually happening…Carlos was asking her to be his for the rest of their lives. With a few tears shed and a sigh of relief, Ashley said YES! It was such a beautiful moment!

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful couple! Congratulations Ashley and Carlos!!

Best Wishes


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