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Learning To Live Again || Grand Tetons National Park || Bucket List Trip

view of grand tetons from the snake riverLearning To Live Again || Grand Tetons National Park || Bucket List Trip

A few weeks ago I returned home from a bucket list trip to Grand Tetons National Park and  Yellowstone National Park (check out that blog post here). This trip has refreshed my soul! I did this trip solo, just me, God and the great unknown. Some people don’t understand the concept of traveling solo, but for me it’s all about learning to live again. Being me, being content in all things, but not settling for an average life where I will live the same day over and over again for the next 50 years.

There were many years of my life that I let slip away. I can’t get those years back, I can’t change them but I realized a few years ago I could start a new life. So that’s what I decided to do, start living again! New beginnings, fresh starts and learning to truly live each day to its fullest, that’s where I am. I’m thankful that God has restored me and I’m learning to appreciate this season of singleness in my life. I could wait on a husband before I did all these adventures on my bucket list, but the burning question always remains….WHY WAIT?

Grand Tetons, they are just that magnisfiracnly grand! The first view of the Tetons took my breath away. A lot of thoughts ran though my mind…..How are they that big, how is there still snow on them in August, gosh they are beautiful, this is living and I don’t want to go home! It was a week of true relaxation. My only regret is I didn’t go sooner!

I thought I was prepared for what I would see, but let me tell you I was not! Photographs and videos,  pretty as they may be, still don’t do the Grand Tetons National Park justice. As I look back at my photographs the thought I’m left with is, God sure knows how to make beautiful things.


Shout out to Solitude Float Tours for making my Grand Tetons National Park experience extra special by taking me rafting down Snake River

Eaglet in a tree in grand tetons

Baby egale

photographer rafting down snake river in grand tetons

Y’all the lens I rented was longer than my arm ha!!

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