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2016 Photo Rewind || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographers

As I look back over 2016 there were a lot of personal things that happen that were hard. Things that I could not control, but you, my clients, my vendor friends have helped me make it through.

It’s one thing to hire a photographer to shoot your wedding, but it’s another thing to send to send that photographers mom a weeks salary when their dad passed. It’s one thing for a vendor to refer someone business, but its another thing to call and cry on the other end of the phone with that photographer when life had simply become too hard for them to cope alone.  Love and compassion is something we all possess that is a priceless gift from God.

From coffee, to dinners, to cards, to encouraging conversations, to laughing until we’ve cried you all have been there this year. From being my biggest cheerleaders when I was running hard to hit my goals or helping carry the burden when I could barely  walk. You all have been the glue thats helped hold me together this year. Despite life throwing me some crazy pitches, this year the business thrived, it grew and it turned into something even more beautiful than before.

I’ve had the privilege to shoot some beautiful weddings this year, but the most beautiful thing about these weddings were the people involved in them. I could show you some beautifully posed photos with perfect lighting, but I feel showing some of my favorite emotional photos from 2016 would be appropriate.

I never set out to be a wedding photographer, but I look back and God had this planned for my journey in life from the beginning. To say I’m blessed beyond measure, is an understatement. I’m thankful that I can call you my clients and my friends. Out of all the photographers you could have picked to work with and could have been friends with, you chose me.

In 2017 I pray that the love you’ve shown me will be given back to you.