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How To Tackle A Bridal Show Like A Boss || The Pink Bride || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographers

Attending the Pink Bridal Show in Knoxville TN or Nashville TN? If so you then grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and read up on these helpful tips to tackle a bridal show like a boss! If you aren’t attending the show please reconsider, seriously this is the best thing you can do as a bride to be when planning a wedding.

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Before Attending The Show

Invite Family & Friends

The Pink Bride bridal show is big and you can’t attend the show alone, you need your girls! Invite your bridal party and make it a girls day out. Not only will it be a fun day, but you’ll also have someone to help you sign up for giveaways, hold bags and help scout out what you are looking for.

Know Your Specific Needs 

While the bridal show is fun, it can be overwhelming. Know what vendors you need and map out where they are and only talk to vendors in those categories.



Create Address Labels

Some vendors will be doing giveaways, if you make labels to peel off and leave behind it will save you so much time.

Set Up A Wedding Only Email

Set up a wedding email, trust me this will be a lifesaver, but don’t forget to check it! If you can remember to check it then you are golden, if not then use your own email address. Vendors send out important information that will help in the wedding planning process and possible money saving coupons so you want to make sure you can get your email.

During The Show

Take Notes

Make a list of all the vendors you love and only take information from those vendors. This will help you easily narrow down your top picks once you get home and continue your research.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Ladies, please don’t show up in high heels. The show is massive and you will not get anything accomplished if your feet are hurting.

Stay Focused

There will be a lot of vendors at the show, don’t get sidetracked. If you aren’t interested in a vendor be nice and move on, this will save you time and will also not waste the vendors time.

Take Breaks

Bridal shows can get crazy fun, but can also be crazy exhausting. Take a break, watch the fashion show and eat some lunch. You have hours to walk around so save your energy.

Book Vendors

Some vendors like photographers can only do one wedding a day, so be prepared to book them at the show.  While some vendors will want to set up meetings with you to book, others will be prepared to book you on the spot so make sure you also have your check book or credit card.

After The Show

Check Your Email

Don’t forget to check your email, if you win something this is more than likely how the vendors will get in touch with you. Also these vendors are pros so you will want all the helpful tips they will be sending out to you after the show.

Contact Vendors


Don’t wait around, contact the vendors you loved and book them! Vendors book up fast after the show, so if you didn’t book them there make sure you reach out to them and meet with ASAP. Trust me the vendors in The Pink bride show are professionals, they are in high demand and thats the type of people you want at your wedding.