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Picking Your Wedding Photographer || Knoxville TN Wedding Photographers

wedding ringsPicking your wedding photographer can be stressful, but hopefully these tips will help you out. I can’t stress how important wedding photography is, not because this is what I do for a living, but because there are no re-dos. Over the years I’ve heard it all when it comes to people have talking about their wedding photography experience. I wanted to share a few tips to help you in making one of the most important choice in planning your wedding, picking the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding.

5 Key Tip:

1. Hire a professional:
Please please do not hire a friend. I understand the words free or a few hundred bucks sound better than thousands of dollars, but in the end you may regret it. Not only is hiring a friend a bad idea for quality purposes, I’ve seen way too many people loose friendships over bad wedding photography experiences.

I understand not everyone has a large budget, but these are photos you are going to pass down for generations to come, it truly is an investment. If you can’t hire a professional for the full day, ask the photographer about options that will allow them to be there for only the highlights of the day or a referral for someone that may be in your budget.

2. Keep the list short:
Lets be honest, we have some amazing photographers in the area! With that being said, shopping around and meeting  with 15 photographers is only going to get you confused. By the end of all those meetings you start forgetting who offers what, what peoples work looks like and so many things.  If you must shop around, narrow your list to 3 photographers and then go from there. Meet these people in person and I promise you’ll start to gain some insight into who your photographer should be.

3. Read Reviews:
There are sites that allow you to read reviews of potential photographers. These sites are built to let you see what former clients are saying about a potential photographer. Its a great way to get insight about what to expect. Check out our reviews here.

4: Follow Your Top Three On Social Media:
Follow potential photographers on social media, seriously stalk them! Comment, post, share and follow what they are doing. If you have a photographer that engages with you before you even hire them, they will be sure to communicate and engage with you after you book them. (follow us here Instagram and Facebook)

5. Go With Your Gut:
I feel God gave us a built in good/bad detector and we should us it. If you meet with a photographer and you have a good feeling about them, book them! If you meet with a photographer and you don’t have a good feeling, run! There is nothing greater than having a perfectly match photographer to kill it on wedding day!

Hope these few tips help making finding the perfect photographer for you a little easier.