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Frequently Asked Questions || Nashville TN Wedding Photographer

Being a Nashville TN wedding photographer, a Knoxville TN wedding photographer and a travel wedding photographer I wear many many hats. I’m based out of Knoxville TN, in Nashville at least once a month as well as travel the world. All that traveling makes for a pretty excited job! I get to experience so many different cultures when I travel international and I get to make so many strong relationships with wedding vendors here in TN. I have the best job a girl could have, the clients make my job a blast!

I get asked a lot of questions at consultations, so I wanted to answer some of them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

-How long have you been shooting weddings? Since fall of 2009

-Do you shoot all the weddings or does someone else? I shoot every wedding and we have a staff that works with me

-How many photographers come in a wedding collection? Every wedding collection comes with two photographers

-What is the investment to hire you? The average investment is between $3000 and $3500

-How can I reserve my date? A signed contract and a retainer of 33% down, which you can do all online

-Do you have insurance? Yes, your wedding photos are protected and so are you

-Do you have back up gear? Yes, both me and my 2nd shooter both have backup gear just incase something breaks we can carry on

-What if you can’t make the wedding? I have a staff fully capable of shooting the wedding without me being there

-How often are you in Knoxville and Nashville? I live in Knoxville currently, but I’m in Nashville at least once a month if not more

-How do you still stay connected with out of town brides? Regardless of where the bride lives she still gets as much one on one time with me as she wants. With email, text, phone, FaceTime and social media we are able to keep in touch with each other just as much as our in town brides. Also for Nashville brides, we are there often so one on one times is never effected.

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