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Holly’s Bridal Portraits || Whitestone Country Inn || Knoxville TN Bridal Portrait Photographer

Holly’s Bridal Portraits 

Ya’ll, can we just stop for a moment and talk about the light in this first photo above on Holly’s dress and vail! I love when a bride books a bridal sessions, they are always so much fun. We try hard on wedding days to get a ton of photos of the bride by herself and the groom by himself, but sometimes the bride just wants to wear her dress again. Do you blame her for wanting to wear her dress again? I don’t, seriously why pay all that money for a gown and only wear it once!

I shot Holly’s bridal portraits at Whitestone Country Inn, a little bed and breakfast right outside of Knoxville TN. Whitestone Country Inn sits on 350 acres on Watts Barr Lake and has some of the most amazing views I’ve ever witness. This is also where Holly was married and she wanted her bridal session to reflect her wedding day which is why she chose Whitestone.

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