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If you ever wonder what I’m doing on a day off, the answer will probably random adventures with my camera in hand. This past week I had the privilege of getting to watch a momma black bear in the and Great Smoky Mountains with her four (yes four) baby black bear cubs. Momma bear and her four cubs were found hang out on the 2nd cut through gravel in the Cade’s Cove loop. When I arrived around 8:30 AM she already had a ton of spectators and Gatlinburg TN photographers watching their every move. To my surprise momma bear or the baby bears where not bothered at all by their spectators.

On that note please remember to stay 50 yards away from bears, give them their space and follow the rules. Even as a professional photographer that has professional gear to stay far away I can get caught up in the moment and forget how fast black bears can move.

For over an hour I watched as these four little baby black bear cubs hop from log to log, climb trees and play together. It was by far the best bear watching experience I’ve had in Cade’s Cove. I’ve lived near Gatlinburg for years now and have never got to see baby cubs, but now that I have I’m hooked! These baby black bear cubs were by far one of the cutest things to photograph and watch!

After momma eating for hours and the cubs playing momma black bear climb up into a tree and fell asleep. That alone was amazing to see how a 400 lb black bear could lay on a tree branch and sleep while some cubs play and others slept with her. I guess even momma bear get tired sometimes and need a midmorning nap!


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