Tonya Damron Photography

Reliving The Same Day Twice || Oahu HI || Knoxville TN Adventure Photographer

Oh Oahu

We had just left the mission field in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we had a layover in Seoul, Korea, and Japan but we were heading to Hawaii! I remember being on the jet and realizing what day it was and because of time changes we’d be reliving the same day twice. It was kind of a movie moment! We were so worn out from our travels, but the excitement of Hawaii was too overwhelming to sleep. I remember thinking, I am so blessed to have people that love me enough to take me to Hawaii with them….I mean who does that? Doctor Johnny and doctor Judy do!

We arrived at the Disney Aulani Resort where we were greeted like royalty and the adventure started. From amazing sunsets to delicious food (Leonard’s malasada donuts) fresh Kona coffee, pineapple ice cream) good fellowship and a million laughs Hawaii did not disappoint!

After our stay in Oahu, I hopped islands to Maui and that was such an amazing adventure in itself. I’ll be posting a blog about that soon!

Stay tuned to my next upcoming travel where I’ll be traveling cross country in my tiny camper Penelope Jane. Follow this hashtag #exploringwithpenelopejane