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Update your photos!

This post is for everyone out there! Young, old, single, married, business owner or employee….update your personal photos, please for the world loves you and wants to see your face!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to update my headshots for my new upcoming website. Not only did I just need new photos to reflect my new brand, it had been a year and I’ve lost 55 lbs., so a lot has changed over the year! I won’t lie I was nervous, I stressed over what to wear if I was going to look fat and prayed I didn’t wake up with a random breakout. Despite my freak outs, I did it anyway and I’m so thankful I did. Not only did my website need updated photos of me, but so did my social sites. My family and friends were excited to see the new photos and the biggest thing is when I booked new clients I wanted them to meet me and not be shocked that I looked different than my current online photo.

When I received the photos back I was overjoyed. I walked away feeling confident in the progress I’ve made so far in my weight loss journey and the fact that these photos reflected the person I am today. My point of the blog is to encourage you to take some time for yourself, invest in your business and even if you aren’t a business owner give the world some beautiful photos of yourself.

Not convinced yet? Check out a few more reasons to update your headshots here.

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Previous headshots from some Knoxville TN Photographers that were great but I needed an update…..


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shout out to Knoxville TN Photographers Leah Bullard and Danielle  Evans for this year and last years photos