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7 Tips to Get the Wedding Photos of Your Dreams

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Your wedding photos are the one thing you get to keep and treasure from your wedding for years to come. And you want to be able to look at them for years to come and still love them and what they show from your wedding.

So you need to know how to get the wedding photos of your dreams when you work with a professional photographer.

Here’s my 7 tips to get the wedding photos of your dreams.

#1 A photographer is like a doctor.

When you go to the doctor with a sore throat, you expect the doctor to know and tell you more than you have a sore throat because they are the professional. The same is true with a wedding photographer. A professional wedding photographer should be able to tell you more than what you already know, be able to answer questions you didn’t think to ask, and make suggestions that you didn’t realize would make a difference. This is the mark of a true professional – and it’s an important one.

#2 Choose a photographer that you click with.

You and your partner have chemistry. It’s part of what makes you two click and work. It’s obvious in the way you two interact together. You also want to click with your photographer. You will be spending the entire day of your wedding together from the wee morning hours through until the very end.

#3 Spend time building a relationship with your photographer.

The relationship you build with your photographer throughout the planning process will set the tone for your wedding day. So follow each other on social media, and not just professional accounts. Text your questions or email. Set up coffee dates or Face Time chats.

#4 The relationship ripple effect.

If you have great rapport with your photographer, it will be obvious to your family and wedding party and make it easier for them to interact with the photographer as well. And seeing your personality and how you interact with people will help the photographer know how you will interact with your family and friends to help set everyone off on a more comfortable footing.

#5 No red flags.

Let’s face it – we don’t just click with anyone and everyone. And more than that, sometimes we get bad vibes and red flags. When it comes to a wedding photographer, things like not returning calls, texts, or emails quickly is a HUGE red flag. Wedding decisions need quick turnaround time. They should not be adding stress.

#6 The proof is in the candids.

While there are definitely certain posed photos you want from your wedding, you want a photographer that captures the heart and the emotion behind the day. The moments that just happen throughout the day. The fleeting looks. Check through their galleries and look at the First Look photos, the moments just before a father walks his daughter down the aisle, a group prayer before the ceremony, or the kiss that was snuck in between greeting guests. These photos matter to you and you’ll want a photographer who does them well.

#7 True-to-life edits.

You want photos that look and feel like you’re right there, right in the thick of the action of the moment, or right in the thin tiny moment of emotion that sprang to life then popped like a bubble, that your photographer’s keen eye and quick finger caught. If you wanted filters, you could have hired your 15 year old niece to take pictures with Snap Chat. But you want true-to-life color edits that make your photos feel like you’re right back where it all started.