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Sunrise, Sunset, Stargazing || Grand Canyon National Park

Sunrise, Sunset, Stargazing || Grand Canyon National Park

The thing I love about the Grand Canyon is that it reminds me how small I really am but how important I still am to God. How the God who made the canyon also made me, it’s kinda hard to take it all in at once. I’ve posted a lot of inspirational things this week because I’ve been walking through a lot of uncertainty. I feel when I can pour out the truth in my heart, it may just encourage someone else who’s also needing to be lifted up.

This week I spoke about learning, listening and waiting. I talked about how that growth for me looks more like a hot mess over something beautiful. I’m so thankful He gives us beauty for ashes when we have nothing to bring, He’s still right there. Season come and go, they will grow you and teach you if you surrender. That’s my problem, I like “thinking” I’m in control of at least a tiny part of my life, I’m sure God finds that amusing.

As I stood by the Grand Canyon I could feel my heart racing as if I could be sucked into it falling to my death…that’s how I feel about the unknown. I’m spontaneous but even in that I like to be in control, I like to know what my next steps are and right now I’ll be honest the only answers I have are “wait and seek Him first”. Meaning I have little insight into His next move. I’m in a season of trust and surrender…ya those words are hard for this girl who likes to know all things when it comes to the future.

I’m thankful for the moments I was about to walk the trails or sat on the rim of the Grand Canyon talking to God. I couldn’t help but walk away wanting more, wanting more answers right no and wanting clear direction for the next steps.  I wanted answers to who, what, when and where and all I received is focus on today. I prayed prayers I knew He heard, but I also know He doesn’t always choose to answer them, that’s hard for my human heart to except sometimes.

I left with the reassurance He knows best, He knows the future and He’s a good good Father who is our protector, our guide and someone who loves us more than we can imagine. I’m excited about the future, I’m scared of not knowing the in-betweens, but I know His plans are far greater than my own.